Bid Strategy


Captivator's bid strategy seminars provide a comprehensive approach to successful government contracting which focuses on our proven SOLICITATION-TO-AWARD™ methodology.

Our seminars are conducted by Captivator's Subject matter experts with more than 40 years of government sales business development experience.

Some SAMPLE BID STRATEGY SEMINARS cover the following topics:

  1. Bid Management Seminar
    • Obtaining best quality value for products and services through effective bidding.
    • Utilizing diplomacy and negotiation skills to successfully manage bid project integration.
    • Assuring customer RFP fulfillment compliance through request for proposal gate approval.
    • Complying with the FAR, legal performance evaluation and risk criteria management.
    • Developing a proper supplier and source selection strategies.
    • Overturning OEM rejections and failed vendor relationships into long-term authorized distribution agreements.
  2. Contract Administration Seminar
    • What is government contract administration?
    • Managing contract administration from initial evaluation to fulfillment.
    • Complying with all contractual FAR and DFAR regulations.
    • Administering highly complex D.O.D customer requests for proposals and IDPO's.
    • Preparing bids and price offers per methodical pricing and risk mitigation guidelines.
    • Marinating quality assurance compliance with DCAA, DFAS and FMS contract requirements.
    • Mirroring detail accuracy between government solicitations, vendor PO's and D.O.D awards.
  3. Procurement Effectiveness Seminar
    • Establishing vendor relationships in any industry.
    • Negotiating price, delivery and payment terms to achieve best cost savings.
    • Recommending most economical purchases using vehicles such as blanket orders, IDPO's and annual demand quantities.
    • Reviewing purchase orders to assure accuracy and completeness.
  4. Supply Chain Seminar
    • Managing supply chain by implementing strategic supply agreements and military exclusive distributor agreements.
    • Utilizing innovative strategic sourcing initiatives to identify QPL sources.
    • Building Successful long-term relationships with industry leaders.
    • Becoming and authorized distributors for brand name MFG's and OEM's.
    • Overturning OEM rejections and failed vendor relationships into long-term authorized distribution agreements.
    • Supervising vendor compliance to achieve optimum performance results in relation to quality, delivery, ITAR export regulations, military packaging, transportation logistics, military bar coding and I/A/W drawing specifications.
  5. Supervision Seminar
    • Supervising purchasing departments, purchasing manager, buyers, purchasing agents and administrative support staff.
    • Implementing recruitment procedures including employee selection, orientation, and training.
    • Creating employee evaluation programs, employee incentives projects and compensation strategies.
    • Developing purchasing department manuals, policies and procedures to facilitate training, ensure regulatory certification and consistent personnel processing.
  6. Packaging Seminar (AKA: I won a contract, now how do I package it properly?)
    • Introduction to Military Packaging spec Mil-std2073
    • Introduction to Military Marking standard Mil-STD 129 change 4.
    • Source Selections for Material, and suppliers
    • Application of military preservation methods
    • Physically packaging your items for transport to the Department of Defense
    • Traffic management on FOB origin shipments.
    • Quality assurance provisions
  7. Fulfillment Seminar (AKA: I won a contract, now what?)
    • Contract review for compliance with Federal acquisition regulations.
    • Contract review for inspection type
    • Purchase order flow down to subcontractors.
    • Receiving inspections.
    • Tradability requirements and document retention.
    • Billing on wide area workflow
    • Collection for accounts receivables with the Department of Defense DFAS.
    • Assistance for items placed in litigation.


Total Live Stats to Date

  • Assigned:273541
  • Submitted Bids:30349
  • Awarded Bids:4829