Captivator's system creates accountability based on actual usage numbers. Each captivator user is fully accountable for their government bidding activity with our easy-to- use, GOV-LIVE-STATS utility (see Analytics). These stats provide all users with the following transparent, track-able performance set of metrics:

  1. Salesperson bid Assignment: This activity is where the value begins. Captivator's innovative and unique filtering system combined with our AUTO-ASSIGN technology eliminates management's need to spend countless wasted hours every day selecting bid projects for its sales staff. Captivator is accountable for this instant process which selects daily solicitations to be assigned to each salesperson based on specified cage codes and product categories via your management's custom crafted filters. All users and management then instantly know exactly how many projects are assigned to each salesperson based on the specific product categories, MFG's and OEM's... LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  2. User Pending Bid Trees: Each user receives a pre-assigned pending bid tree which is organized in chronological due-date order. Users' pending bid trees also manage unlimited multiple projects prioritized by ascending dollar value. Further, once a price is in-house from suppliers or estimating, the bid project then automatically shifts to management's pending bid tree for AUTO-MARKUP review and bid submission. The system also has auto-attachment features to track all vendors' hard copy quotes. These combined solutions assist in making Captivator a digital paperless system with full documentation and accountability. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  3. Vendor follow-up: Captivator's unique dash board includes an internal messaging tool which allows both users and management to track sales staff follow-up efforts. Subsequent to Captivator sending AUTO-RFQ to vendors, follow up calls for pricing must be made. Our follow- up internal messaging tool allows users and management to stay abreast of all efforts in obtaining vendor prices. Without follow-up there would be no prices. Therefore, our system tracks the amount of follow-up done on each bid project and collects this data as a part of each user's GOV-LIVE-STATS analytics. Management and users can then see if follow-up ratio goals have been met. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  4. AUTO-MARKUP - Our groundbreaking AUTO-MARKUP tool allows users to preset their markup strategy with innovative formulas to eliminate the need to manually mark up each bid. This feature increases bidding efficiency and bidding volume dramatically. When a price is entered from vendors or estimating into the system, AUTO-MARKUP then adds the pre-designated profit margins to the bid and instantaneously submits the bid back to the government. Users can pre-set AUTO-MARKUP to assign profit margins based on either percentage or dollar value. AUTO-MARKUP can even be set to keep track of minimum profit margins per bid to avoid low margins on low dollar value bids. AUTO-MARKUP is not a mandatory system configuration. Users can still adjust markup manually should they wish to select it per bid. Furthermore, even with AUTO-MARKUP , the bids can still be changed at any time up to the moment of award or close of the solicitation by the government for any reason. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  5. AUTO-SUBMIT - Captivator's AUTO-SUBMIT technology keeps us accountable for our user's efficiency and high bidding volumes. AUTO-SUBMIT enables users to simply enter the unit price as well as delivery and a bid is immediately submitted to the government in less than 1 second. This single click option allows for increased bidding volumes and the radical reduction of man-hours worked. The system even includes a saved bid summary record plus the government's confirmation of successful submission per bid. These documents remain as a part of each user's individual database and allow the user as well as the government to be fully accountable to the submitted bid. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  6. AUTO PURGE - With this groundbreaking feature, Captivator eliminates the need to constantly check if the bids in their pending tree have or have not been awarded. Captivator's AUTO PURGE tool live scans government awards in real time every day. If AUTO PURGE finds any awards for bids which are in a salesperson's pending bid tree, AUTO PURGE automatically drops the awarded bid from the salesperson's pending bid tree. The feature saves the salesperson from continuing follow-up or working on a bid that has already been awarded. This way, AUTO PURGE is accountable for each salesperson's pending bid tree. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  7. AUTO AWARD Captivator's AUTO AWARD functionality eliminates your need to search for your new orders every day. AUTO AWARD does it all. No more waiting for the inefficient government award email process. Captivator attaches your awards to our simple to use dash-board in real time. This live feature is also accountable for each user's GOV-LIVE-RATIOS . LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.
  8. AUTO LOSS EVALUATOR - Captivator's final accountability to its users is manifested by our detailed AUTO LOSS EVALUATOR which tracks all losses as well as their ratios and evaluates each lost bid. Lost bids are analyzed based on source, cost, markup as well as timeline and include recommendations for corrective action including contracts that are candidates for protest if such cases arise. AUTO LOSS EVALUATOR is our best tool to learn from mistakes and adjust each user's markup strategies to create more future awards and increase user's bid-to- award ratios. LESS WORK. MORE AWARDS.

Total Live Stats to Date

  • Assigned:322167
  • Submitted Bids:30383
  • Awarded Bids:4863