About Us

Captivator System's mission is to provide its users with a comprehensive government bidding solution that will actually convert solicitations into automated RFQs, bids and awards through a process we call "SOLICITATION-TO-AWARD ".

Our competitors, only provide solicitation information with no process to get quotes from vendors or bid to the government effectively or efficiently.

We not only provide information, we teach our customers how to succeed or improve success in doing business with the government in an automated fashion based on a proven bid strategy with consistent results. Captivator eliminates the slow learning curve of government contracting.

We want you to WIN and generate a consistent revenue flow!

The key to success is LESS WORK, MORE AWARDS . We have joined two simple approaches together - Captivator's automated bidding system with Captivator's proven government bid strategy.

Captivator is your one-stop government bidding solution if:

Captivator will show you the way; the proven way to government contracting CONSISTANT success.

Captivator's founders have over 40 years' experience successfully selling to the Department of Defense and many other federal government agencies. During their long career in the government bidding arena, Captivator's founders became experts in Government Sales Business Development.

They developed software program infrastructures and ERP integration specifications for automated U.S government electronic bidding applications. They also created organizational systems, logic algorithms and bidding strategies to filter daily D.O.D contract requirements, process automated customer RFP's and streamline bid submission on U.S government websites.

Along with these applications, Captivator's founders developed a systematic bid strategy that simplifies all government contracting activities and teaches innovative approaches to proper review of contract solicitation, procurement history, competition evaluation, approved source and product analysis.

Today, we Guide our customers on proper D.O.D contract selection, sourcing correct MFG's and obtaining direct competitive pricing. We provide the ultimate tool-set that pave our user's way to acquire many new government awards through a systematic bidding system that produces significant results.

Total Live Stats to Date

  • Assigned:319107
  • Submitted Bids:30383
  • Awarded Bids:4863